Curriculum map

Autumn 1

History: The Romans

Autumn 2

Geography: Countries in Europe

Spring 1

Science and STEM

Spring 2

Geography: local area study

Summer 1

Science and STEM

Summer 2

History: The Anglo-Saxons


Our school is tolerant and caring....
It is a place where everyone is accepted....

We believe in working together as a real school community, and using our different abilities to support each other and to succeed. Friendship, respect, and fairness are the Christian values that lead us. Through the learning experiences and opportunities which we offer, we want our children to believe in themselves, deal with set-backs and have clear aspirations for their futures. We want them to realise their potential in all areas of their lives. We want our children to understand both what their community has to offer them as they grow up, and, what they have to offer it. We hope that all of our children learn that, whatever they do, they should work at it with all of their heart.

School Performance Tables
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  • Grammar

  • Maths


Safeguarding Staff

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Mr P Maudsley

Head Teacher
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Mrs Wilkinson-Black

Deputy Headteacher
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Mr P Davies

Child Protection Consultant monitors and reviews our child protection and safeguarding procedures and systems every term
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Mrs Sue Greer

Teaching Staff

Mr P Maudsley

Head Teacher

Mrs S Wilkinson-Black

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs S Greer

Mrs C Ing

Mr J Nelson

Mrs C Harrison

Mrs R Gowland

Mrs S Clayton

Miss C Green

Mrs J McGurk


Teaching Assistants

Mrs J Boyle

Mrs H Scrafton

Mrs E Wilson

Mrs L Thompson

Mrs R Nixon

Mrs E Hails

Mrs E Waller

Miss C Jones

Mrs N Clements

School Office

Ann Hughes

Office Manager

Mandy Allen

Admin Assistant


Chair of Governors

Mr L Banks

Vice-Chair of Governors

Mr G Wheatley

Safeguarding Governor

Mr G Wheatley

Foundation Governors

Mr L Banks
Mr D Stones
Revd R Haughty

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